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Island Girl Charters, book a charter, stop wishing and lets go fishing
Bluefin tuna fishing from morehead city for fish from 200 to 800 lb. Book a Bluefin charter for these big ones
Welcome to Island Girl Charters.
 Island Girl fishing charters offers visitors to Morehead
City, Atlantic Beach, Emerald Isle along the Crystal Coast
of North Carolina a wide variety of sport fishing charter
adventures. My charter boats take you  to some of the
best offshore gulf stream fishing all year round. During
the spring, summer and fall, we are sure to find plenty to
catch. Island Girl Charters can provide you with a full
charter boat booking service fishing package including
charter, fish cleaning, motel accommodations, grills to
cook some of your catch right at the dock. Their is plenty
of parking for your entire group. We can plan a day
fishing in the gulf stream catching big salt water fish like
Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo, Sailfish and Marlin. We can plan
an inshore trip catching Kings, Spanish, Cobia or any of
the other inshore species.
Island Girl fishing charter features all modern fish finding,
navigational and safety equipment. A custom Carolina
built sport fishing boat with plenty of room and all the
amenities of home; heat and air conditioning, microwave,
fridge, surround sound, and  plenty of room to stretch
out. Penn tackle from 20 to 130 lb.  class is provided to
catch what ever wants to try us.
With 45 years of fishing experience on The North
Carolina coast and 30+ years of owning and operating
my own charter fishing boats, you'll get the experience,
quality care that you can't get with a here today and
gone tomorrow "captain flash"  So go with the best! I'll
take you deep sea fishing with plenty of fish in the box.
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Full Day, 3/4 and 1/2 Day Charters
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morehead city fishing charters, morehead city charter boats, morehead city, atlantic beach, nc, Gulf Stream fishing, for tuna, dolpin, wahoo, marlin, sailfish, bluefin tuna,  Island Girl Charters,  provides you with a full, charter boat booking service
Gulf Stream Fishing On   
For Tuna, Dolphin, Wahoo,
Kings, Marlin, Sailfish
& Bottom Fishing
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Island Girl Charters, Morehead City, Atlantic Beach, NC
Blue fin Tuna
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Capt Tracy Campbell
(252) 725-4956
Full Day Gulf Stream
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Blue fin
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